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CNC Millwork & Engraving

Do you need something cut, milled or engraved? 
We can cut, mill and engrave wood, metal, plastic and many other materials. Take advantage of our low hourly rate at $100/hour!
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1) Setup and Programming

This is all of the preparation required for your job.
It is charged at an hourly rate.
Current SETUP charge for jobs is $100-$160.


May include:
Create Part CAD Drawings.

Design fixtures.
Set up machine tooling and workholding.
Program CNC code.
Test Program/Make “First Off” part.

2) Raw Material

Length of part plus extra for part off & facing.
Our cost of the material + markup of 20-35% depends on volume and transport cost.
Some customers prefer to supply their own material which is welcomed.



3) Non Recurring Expenses

Any special fixtures required to hold the workpiece during machining.
Usually the fixtures, chuck jaws etc are fairly universal, so only a proportion of the cost is factored into your job.

Special Tooling or other abnormal 1 off expenses incurred specific to your job.

4) Machining

Rates vary by machine and complexity of the job. $60 - $100/hour.


Hourly rate which includes machine time and labour.
Hard materials may consume more cutting tools, this is factored in here.

5) Post Machining.

Subcontracted services are marked up 20-35%. Includes costs for freight to & from these subcontractors.

Freight/Postage of finished goods charged at estimated cost