Primary Giving

Our vision to invest in the environment was born out of Genesis 2:15 “The LORD God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it".

Aside from the Great Commission, we believe that we are to take of the earth. At Morph we do that by making an eco-friendly product. But we didn't stop there, we use profits to invest in the planting of trees. But we can't do it alone. We know that together we can make a huge and incredible impact if we take small steps in the right direction together to live a healthier greener lifestyle. 

Trees are one of the best ways to help protect and preserve the environment. The list of benefits they provide goes on and on. The biggest one being trees provide the air we breathe, that's a pretty great reason to want them around. 

We reduce our carbon footprint by giving a portion of all sales to TreeEra.



TreeEra community-funds the planting of trees to help individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint. Together we will plant one billion trees.




While there are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we wanted to provide people with a convenient and simple way to contribute to a not-so-simple problem. Planting trees seemed like a perfect place to start.


WE DRIVE, WE EAT, WE WORK - ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES HAVE A CARBON FOOTPRINT- Planting trees is an easy way to help offset that footprint. TREES PROVIDE US THE AIR TO BREATHE- The more we plant the more we benefit.